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The Rotary Club of Lubbock, Texas was officially organized on February 1st, 1921, as Club Number 812 of Rotary International, then called the International Association of Rotary Clubs. 
But its roots go back even further than that.
Early in 1920, Walter A. Myrick, Jr. visited the Rotary Club in Beaumont, Texas, and came back to Lubbock enthusiastic about Rotary.
About the same time, members of the Rotary Club of Amarillo had surveyed the area and were of the opinion that a Rotary club should be organized in Lubbock.
Walter A. Myrick, Jr. met with Roscoe Wilson, Neil H. Wright, A.B. Conley and Jed Rix, and decided to proceed with the organization of a Rotary club.
They, together with C.M. Ballenger, M.B. Hilburn, J.A. Wilson, J.L. Dow, J.O. Jones, W.H. Meador, L.B. Hunt, Curtis Keen, Walter S. Posey, George W. Briggs, J.T. Hutchinson, R.H. Martin, and C.J. Wagner were charter members. These men met on December 20, 1920, and elected officers of the club. 
Walter A. Myrick, Jr., was the first president of the Club. Jed Rix was elected Vice-president, and L.E. Hunt Secretary-Treasurer.
The Amarillo Rotary Club was the sponsor of The Rotary Club of Lubbock.
Finally, after more than a year of meeting without a charter, the Club members joined with their wives and friends on the evening of February 1, 1921, at the Merrill Hotel, and the Charter of The Rotary Club of Lubbock, Texas, was delivered to President Walter A. Myrick, Jr., by Lutcher Stark of Orange, Texas, Governor of District 113.